Tell us a great story about why you should be in our Bite Club

Have you ever snuck in a Cockeye BBQ meal or snack without your loved one, friend or family member? Did they later find out and you found yourself either in big trouble or on your way back to get them what they want? This happens pretty frequently around here. Some of our most regular customers have commented that Cockeye has become their “special place”, where they sneak our for that half slab, cheesy potatoes and greens.

We decided that we needed to form a support group for those of you in this special club.

If you’re as familiar with the 1999 film starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton, you’ll know the first rule of Bite Club is; DON’T TALK ABOUT BITE CLUB……or something like that.

If you find yourself overburdened with this dirty little “secret”, we’re here to help. We’re starting a video series featuring YOU, our Bite Club members.

Tell us below a great story about why you’re suitable for our club, and easily the biggest Cockeye fan in your group of humans. If chosen, winners will receive a Cockeye BBQ Gift Card and special-edition T-shirt.

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If chosen, you agree to be available for a quick video shoot (interview) telling us your best Cockeye story. We will use these videos on social media and other outlets to promote our little restaurant.